Refreshing the visual identity for a new age energy company.


Visual Identity Design
Brand Guideline

Trapezion is a new age company that delivers exceptional value through its understanding of Africa’s peculiar electricity and communications infrastructure to deliver the best technology for the energy landscape.

They are focused on building solutions that bring energy consumers closer to utility service providers and allow them to gain more control of how they manage their energy resources, through rich data.

We worked with the team to redesign their logo and visual identity system, we also created a new and simpler tagline that communicates the company’s purpose.

We retained the logo symbol, made it slightly bolder to help it stand out. We made the font bolder and in a different colour from the symbol to create better contrast and also make it easier to read.

We created a simpler and more recognisable visual identity that shows the company’s values, purpose and goals. We also added some colours to their existing colour scheme to reflect a modern, innovative and customer-focused company.